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Quartic Training's Full-time CFA® Program Courses

Quartic Training is pleased to welcome full-time students to the CFA® Program. Our courses are designed for candidates who would like to devote most of their week to studying in order to maximise their chances of success. The classes present each topic in detail, with interactive sessions including question practice and group discussion as well as the review of class materials.

You will be taught by experienced instructors who have been through the exams that you are preparing for. So as well as helping with exam technique they will be able to bring subjects to life with practical examples.

Course structure

Six month courses are structured over 28 days, two days per week. You will receive 15 hours of structured training each week – this will enable students from outside the EU to comply with UKVI regulations for student visas.

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The first few months of the course are the Education phase. Every subject will be introduced from a basic level, with little background knowledge assumed. This is particularly true of accounting, as many students will not have a finance background. The classes are highly interactive, with lots of question practice and discussion, so that students benefit as much as possible from the course. It is expected that students spend at least a further 15 to 20 hours per week studying at home or in study groups. There is a Progress Test every few weeks: these are an excellent guide to how well you are doing so far – there is a strong correlation between your results on these tests and your actual exam, so it pays to get studying as early as possible!

The Revision phase follows, with the class reviewing the entire curriculum again. The focus of this phase is on question practice and exam technique. By the end of the Revision phase you should feel confident in being able to answer exam-level questions.

A six-hour invigilated mock exam is then provided. Quartic Training will mark and grade these papers, with a full review afterwards.


Quartic Training also offer 9 and 12 month full-time CFA® courses at Level I, and Extended (10 month) courses at Level II & III; giving students even more class time and support, and improving the chances of a first-time pass.


If plans don't mesh with our timetables then the introductory part of the Extended courses at Level II & III can be booked independently; giving students with less available time the chance for a good Educational grounding over the 4 months up to December.

Job-hunting and careers

For most of our students, studying professional qualifications is an important step in launching a successful career in finance. We offer career seminars to improve your job-hunting skills and to help you to get that all-important internship or even permanent job.

London life

You have chosen to study in an amazing city – and life isn’t just about exams! Not only will you be studying in the heart of the financial City of London but you will be surrounded by a wide range of attractions. London boasts more than 100 theatres, 600 cinema screens, 5000 pubs and bars, 200 clubs, countless parks, canals, markets, galleries and fairs, not to mention the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Oxford Street shopping and 6000 restaurants with food from around the world.

Although many attractions have free entrance, at Quartic we recognise that living in London can be rather expensive, so we will help you to find flatmates and also identify parts of London that are relatively affordable to live in. You should also be eligible for student discounts on many services and activities, including student travelcards for getting around the city.

Student Visas and Course Enrolment

We have a page dedicated to international students and visa questions - please click here to check the information.

To enrol with Quartic Training students are also required to:

Course Fees

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To register for a Quartic Training Full-time course please read our Enrolment Guide and fill out this Application Form


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